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Epic Arcade Project Needs Your Support!

I’ve complained (a lot) in my blog about the lack of decent arcades these days, most are full of slot machines and racing games, and virtually nowhere has any classic games available to play. The arcades I used to play in during the early 80’s were stuffed full of fantastic cabinets and pinbal tables, and every Friday night you would find me on the Southend seafront checking put the latest titles. 25 years later and these same arcades are full of slot machines and “penny falls” games, and it’s virtually impossible to find a classic cabinet.

So unless you have pockets deep enough to buy your own retro arcade games, playing them is going to be tricky.

Well the guys at the Epic Arcade Project want to change that, and have put together an audastic plan to create a brand new arcade stocked to the brim with classic titles.

The plan is simple:

1) Rent a 3 storey building
2) Fill it with up to 200 classic arcade games and pinball machines set on free play
3) Sell day passes to fans to play the games

What isn’t so simple is the funding to achieve this, which will entail significant outlay in acquiring the games and securing a lease for a property big enough to house the collection.

So this is where you come in – if you are reading this then you are already a fan of classic games, and if like me you want to make this a reality, you can help by pledging a small amount of money towards the project.

Just go to epicarcadeproject.com and you will find the link to the kickstarter page.

What are you waiting for?