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Retro Game Store Locator – Find a Classic Videogame Shop Near You

Where are all the retro game shops in the UK?

Retro video games stores are relatively rare in the UK, but I am hoping that this Retro Game Store Locator will help classic game fans find a store near them.

retro game store
looking for a store like this?

This is a work in progress but I am looking to create a guide to retro games stores across the UK. If you know a good one, please drop me a line and I will add it to the list.

Also, sad though it is, some will close and I’d like to hear when this happens so I can keep my database up to date.

If you run a game store please let me know (twitter is best, just look for @retrogamesnow) and I will add a special feature on the site with details.

Click on an icon below to show the details of the Retro Game Shop, or see the full list to the right and select the name of the store to see the location



11 thoughts on “Retro Game Store Locator – Find a Classic Videogame Shop Near You”

  1. Close encounters in Bedford and Northampton, they have a great selection of retro games, Megadrive Saturn, Game Gear, NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, and some very reasonably priced hardware.

    They are also awsome for comic books, figures, and magazines.

    This is a link to their website.

    Also E3 in Bury St. Edmunds, 80 St. Johns Street, have a massive amount of current and retro games.—Bury-St–Edmunds-126511.html

    Hope this helps

  2. Games Arena Burnley

    Loads of retro Games and Consoles. I have bought the Nintendo 64 Boxed and in mint condition and a Sega Mega cd Mark 1 and a Sega Mega Drive mark 1 in mint condiiton.

    They have a huge collection of PS1 games Sega Dreamcast Games Ps2 Games. N64 games and Sega mega Drive games e.t.c

    Amongst all the retro they also sell all the Current Gen.

    Highly recommended independent Retro and Current gen game store.

    9 St. James’s Street Town Centre, Burnley BB11 1QL
    01282 416 161

    1. do you have conker bad fur day, TMNT Turtles in Time Super ,Tombi 2 ,Cannon spike,Megaman 8, Chorno trigger, Strider 2

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