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Retro blog review: salzmafia

Salzmafia blog
Many blogs come into existence and for one reason or another peter out, when the initial enthsiasm for the project becomes the reality of commiting time and energy into keeping the blog up to date and engaging for your visitors.

This is not something that you could acuse Mike Salzman, the author behind www.salzmafia.com, who is clearly a certifiable retro game nut. Mike’s US focused site covers a broad range of topics reated to collecting and playing retro video games, including a blog on his latest finds and tips on bargain hunting. This passion for collecting has spilled over into the publication of a series of video game price guides for US gamers at www.videogamepriceguides.com – a massive labour of love due to the effort required to maintain this kind of database and keep up to date.

There are also some great posts on his gaming exploits, including attempts to set a record on BurgerTime – a game Mike is clearly obsessed with (as am I), as well as hardware projects like controller mods and game restoration, and a very active youtube channel.

So if you are looking for some tips on collecting, or just want to see what a hardcore Burgertime world record attempt looks like, then visit www.salzmafia.com

See below a sample video from Mike, resurrecting my favourite Atari 2600 game, Phoenix.

Retro blog review: yesteryear gaming

Original imagery from the Ocotillo kid
Yesteryear Gaming is a blog site authored by the mysterious Ocotillo Kid, a big retro game fan and avid collector. The site began life in 2012, and so far has covered both reviews of popular and obscure retro titles, as well as updates on additions to the authors own retro collection.

The original photography is very well done, and helps the site stand out from the crowd, obviously the author has an eye for great imagery (I may have to ask nicely if I can borrow some of these pictures for my own blogs).

The site contains all original content, nothing rehashed or borrowed from elsewhere, and long may that continue. Please check out for yourself at yesteryeargaming.blogspot.com