UFO Master Blaster by Bambino: Video Game Consoles as Art

The early 80's were the golden era for handheld electronic games, and Bambino produced some of the most beautifully designed units. UFO Master Blaster was an unremarkable (at least in terms of gameplay) space invader clone, using a similar Vacuum Florescent Display as the more common Galaxy Invader handhelds. What set the game apart was … Continue Reading ››

Chrono Trigger – Classic RPG for Super Nintendo

Why was Chrono Trigger never released in the UK?

Many retro games fans the world over will claim Chrono Trigger as their favourite RPG - and this a game that was never officially released outside of Japan and the US, at least not until the 2008 re-release on the Nintendo DS. Amazingly, this was the first time many UK gamers … Continue Reading ››

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